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"When you can clearly see the future, it's too late"

Predicting when to start seizing more opportunities in this economic environment is tricky. Just remember, predicting the economy is like surfing. You have to guess when the wave is going to break in order to catch it. Don't let the economy "break" and leave you behind.

Case Study: Recession Success

Can an ad specialty company thrive in this tough economy?

Yes. OmniSource Marketing, an Indianapolis-based company does more than just sell trinkets. OmniSource works directly with marketing departments of its beverage-seller clients such as Pepsi, Miller-Coors, and Corona to create unique products that grow the client's sales.

Even in tough times like these, OmniSource has reached record sales by narrowing their focus. While competitors were scrambling to sell any item to anyone, OmniSource narrowed its offerings and focused on its most-important customers. President Michael Goldberg uses the mantra, "Putting our best people on our best opportunities."

We asked Mr. Goldberg his secrets for thriving in tough economic times. He said:

Recession Success
  • Great opportunities exist in any economy. We simply choose to ignore the recession and expect growth
  • Resist negativity. Negative thoughts and emotions have little use in business. You get what you expect, so we expect deals to close, customers to grow, and things to go correctly.
  • Keep growing your people. It would have been easy to cut training and "hang in there" for the remainder of the recession. However, our primary product is our intellectual property. Our key people have a thirst for more responsibility and opportunity, so we made sure we gave it to them.

Lastly, Goldberg says, "Have fun."  Even in a recession, you should enjoy your work.  If you can't smile when you get out of bed, you need to find something else to do.

You can learn more about OmniSource Marketing at www.omnisourcemarketing.com

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